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We are so excited to announce we now represent TrekFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment! Check out some of the incredibly innovative pieces that we can now include in your next project!

Parkreation Inc.

Parkreation stepped out into the exciting playground business back in 1995. Today, we are proud to offer a complete collection of outdoor recreation brands that bring fun, style, and safety to parks and playgrounds in Illinois and Indiana!

Ancient Wonders

Ignite children’s imaginations when you transform your play space with Little Tikes Commercial’s new Ancient Wonders equipment! Kids will love pretending they’re on an epic quest as they dart between ruins and battle the giant anaconda. 


Start your summer with the best outdoor shade products in the industry! Learn more about our options.

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Parkreation is proud to represent the best parks and outdoor recreation brands in

Illinois and Indiana.

Shade Systems
Wabash Valley


Check out some of our Recent Playgrounds!

Parkreation takes pride in every playground. We design each project to reflect the client’s needs while using our own imagination to create a unique outdoor play area for your community. Our team is ready to get started on your next project in Illinois or Indiana!

A new playground starts as an idea and ends as a fun place for the whole family!

Move the center slider to see how a concept comes to life!

Installed Play Structure
Initial Design Rendering

Ryder Park: Lake in the Hills, IL

Introducing Trekfit, our new line of outdoor fitness equipment!

The Parkreation Promise

Parkreation has the experience and expertise to ensure that your playground, shades, shelter, or surfacing will be installed on-time and on-budget. Our team will work closely with yours to design the project, and help along the way until the park’s opening day!

“You never get too old to recognize what’s fun about a playground. Our 23 years in the business has given us a great perspective on how to create a playground that will make kids and families smile for years to come.”

John Simonaitis - Chicago, IL

President, Parkreation Inc.

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