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Parkreation Inc.

Parkreation stepped out into the exciting playground business back in 1995. Today, we are proud to offer a complete collection of outdoor recreation brands that bring fun, style, and safety to parks and playgrounds in Illinois and Indiana!


TrekFit brings form and function together to create outdoor fitness areas for all ages and athletic types! Learn more about what makes TrekFit different from the rest!

Pro-Techs Surfacing

Pro-Techs Surfacing just submerged this Indiana play space in rubber surfacing that features a stunning Ocean design! Our custom surfacing solutions can transform a playground into an immersive adventure area. 


These durable commercial shade structures provide a stunning look to your outdoor area, and can be put up or taken down quickly with the innovative Turn-N-Slide method. Check out our options!

Parkreation can solve all your outdoor recreation needs.

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Parkreation is proud to represent the most dependable parks and outdoor recreation brands in

Illinois and Indiana.

Shade Systems
Wabash Valley


Check out Some of Parkreation’s Recent Illinois and Indiana
Outdoor Commercial Playgrounds!

Parkreation takes pride in every outdoor commercial playground we develop in Illinois and Indiana. Our team represents Little Tikes Commercial and Dynamo Playgrounds, two of the best playground equipment brands in the recreation industry. We design each outdoor play area to reflect the natural landscape or find inspiration in the client’s needs. Parkreation uses our own imagination to create a unique playground for your community or school. Playground safety and exceptional customer service is always our priority. The Parkreation team is ready to get started on your next outdoor playground project in Illinois or Indiana!

A new playground starts as an idea and ends as a fun place for the whole family!

Move the center slider to see how a concept comes to life!

Installed Play Structure
Initial Design Rendering

Ryder Park: Lake in the Hills, IL

Explore More of Our Playground Offers!

More Commercial Play Structures, Safety Surfacing, and Certified Playground Inspections!

Dynamo Playgrounds is our exciting new line of commercial play structures! Featuring massive unique rope climbers that can be customized.

Turn your outdoor area into a destination playground!

Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber is the industry standard for playground safety surfacing.

Learn more about engineered wood fiber and the Fibar 300 System to see why!

Pro-Techs Surfacing delivers and installs the most durable Poured-In-Place Rubber or turf surfacing for your outdoor play space.

See why Pro-Techs surfacing is paving the way for more safe and universally accessible playgrounds.

Maintaining your playground’s standard of care is important.

Parkreation offers Certified Playground Safety Inspections to ensure your playground equipment is safe, up to date, and free of hazards!


Our New Line of Outdoor Fitness Equipment!

Challenge The Bamboo Jungle!

Outdoor fitness meets parkour, encouraging users to traverse vertically and horizontally through a challenging obstacle game with color coated grips.

Grands Prix du Design Winner for


See Our Fitness Circuits in Action!

Outdoor fitness equipment circuits designed for all age groups and athletic levels with instructions for proper warm-ups, workouts, and stretching exercises.

Featured Product:

Shade Systems | Sail Shades

Our innovative ‘Sail’ shade structures are a clever way to cover those odd-shaped areas where possible post locations are limited or where a unique aesthetic appearance is desired.

Sail shades have a sharp modern aesthetic, and can be configured together to create interesting arrays and shapes.

One-point stainless steel connections are durable and easy to manage for seasonal maintenance.

The CoolNet™ fabric canopy screens 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays to protect users and cool the equipment.

Multi-level framed sails feature an additional powder-coated steel framework that supports intricate layers.

The Parkreation Promise

Parkreation has the experience and expertise to ensure that your playground, shades, shelter, or surfacing will be installed on-time and on-budget. Our team will work closely with yours to design the project, and help along the way until the park’s opening day!

“You never get too old to recognize what’s fun about a playground. Our 23 years in the business has given us a great perspective on how to create a playground that will make kids and families smile for years to come.”

John Simonaitis - Chicago, IL

President, Parkreation Inc.

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