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Fibar (Engineered Wood Fiber)

Fibar® Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) is not your regular mulch or wood chips. This product is specifically for outdoor playgrounds, fitness areas, and other recreation areas where safety is priority.

Proper surfacing under your playground or outdoor fitness area is important for safety and accessibility. Fibar has become the industry standard for playground surfacing across the United States. The safety standards for Fibar are much more stringent than typical outdoor mulch, which ensures you are receiving the optimal surfacing for your outdoor recreation area. In fact, the United States Department of Interior (DOI) has determined that wood chips are not considered an accessible playground surface. Fibar Systems have been extensively tested and meet the specifications of the ASTMF 1951 Standard for Accessibility according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Fibar is made exclusively from unused wood that is not treated with any chemicals, making it an all natural solution. Fibar EWF meets all the requirements of ASTM F1292 for safety, F2075 for purity, and F1951 for wheelchair access. All testing certified by IPEMA


See the difference that our Fibar 300 Drainage System can make by dragging the slider!

Fortified with 2 kinds of drainage—FibarDrain and FibarFelt—a
FibarSystem 300 lets water pass right through, so kids have more time
to play.

Our patented, FibarSystem 300 surfaces save over 50% in installation costs, compared with conventional stone-and-pipe. This system is guaranteed to last You get the Engineered Wood Fiber, geotextile soil separators, built-in drainage, and a 25-year Warranty – all in one, trouble-free package.

Fibar can also provide Wear Mats for play areas with heavy use, such as below a swing set or at the bottom of a slide bedway. These beveled mats help to prevent displacement of the engineered wood fiber to ensure these high-use areas remain safe and up to the standard.

Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber is also a great safety surfacing solution for outdoor fitness equipment!

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