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A leader in outdoor fitness equipment, TREKFIT develops cutting-edge solutions for municipalities through intelligent urban design that promotes universal accessibility, fitness and community building. Committed to enhancing the visual environment our fitness products live in, as well as delivering an unparalleled user experience, we’ve already earned the trust of several hundred cities. We aim to become a global leader in outdoor fitness equipment, spreading positive social change in the health and well-being of residents wherever our products are found.

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Get a safe and complete whole-body workout using nothing more than a park bench.


The simplicity of a park bench belies the amazing variety of exercises it offers. The seat of the bench allows for specific movements that can be executed by the hands and feet, and leg power can be built by using it as a platform for a vertical leap. The backrest can be used for balance and flexibility movements and its height makes it perfect for a variety of strength-building push-ups.

Often spread out on walking trails, a bench can be used as an extra exercise station in a well-thought out training circuit. In addition, walking, jumping or sprinting between each bench is a great way to stimulate the cardiovascular system. Benchfit is ideal for trails, seniors’ residences, small spaces and limited budgets.

The best part is… BENCHFIT can be added to any of your existing outdoor benches! Contact Parkreation for more information.

Put simply, a circuit is a series of exercises that one executes with little or no break as one moves from station to station. This has the advantage of burning the maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time while engaging the cardiovascular system.

TREKFIT has designed a series of circuit equipment that not only blends in harmoniously with both urban and natural settings, but that allows the user to get the most out of their workout according to their fitness level.

Each circuit is comprised of three phases: warm up, workout and stretching, and can be followed simply by reading the instruction panel by each station.

Circuit 1
Combo Circuit 1
Circuit 2
Combo Circuit 2
Circuit 3
Combo Circuit 3

Getting into shape for the first time can lead to injuries and over-exertion if one isn’t careful. That’s why TREKFIT’s equipment is based around a simple but vital training principal called paced progression.


With this principle in mind, people of any fitness level can use our equipment in a safely way while building their endurance and capability. This is done through stimulating muscle groups at various degrees of intensity according to one’s particular needs.

Wheelchair Users

Moving with a wheelchair requires both strength and flexibility in the shoulder. This articulation is at the heart of the autonomy of the person who moves thanks to his arms; without a healthy shoulder, manual control of the wheelchair becomes laborious and often impossible.


Wheelchair users are prone to certain types of upper body injuries as a result of overusing one set of muscles. Accordingly, we’ve devised a series of exercises to promote overall muscle harmony by strengthening the supporting muscle groups. This helps avoid upper body injury, allowing them maintain travel autonomy.


Research has shown that the most important factor in getting in shape is consistency, and consistency is most likely to occur when people train in groups.


With this in mind, our stations have been designed to accommodate several users simultaneously, making them perfect for unrestricted group training.


Our goal is to build fit and active communities in a fun and engaging way. We’ve devised specific workout routines that allow all members of the community to get the most out of our equipment and circuits according to their own fitness levels and ability.

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Integrate fitness and fun together!

TREKFIT equipment can complement our other products, including your new Little Tikes Commercial Playground or Dynamo Play System!


We’ve designed multiple exercise routines for seniors that deal with their two major health issues:

Avoiding falls and maintaining independence.

These workouts help

  • Strengthen the legs and trunk
  • Slow down osteoporosis
  • Develop and maintain balance
  • Maintain joint mobility and flexibility

Physical literacy comes from developing motor skills such as running, jumping, throwing, catching, swimming, skating, climbing and pushing. These skills serve as building blocks for all future sports. Accordingly, they can develop four qualities.

1. Flexibility

2. Cardiovascular endurance

3. Speed

4. Muscle strength

There is a specific window of opportunity for each new skill a child learns that we call “the sensitive phases of development”. This is the optimal timeframe in which a child can attain skills that will let them reach their full potential later on.

Active Women
It’s vital that women build muscle too. Here’s why.

Though long regarded as a male activity, resistance exercises are even more important for women than for men because of its role in combatting osteoporosis. This disease affects women 5 times more than men (30% vs 6%) and all forms of muscle training reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Women who are worried it will make them “too muscular” shouldn’t worry. There is little risk because testosterone exists in very low levels in the female bloodstream.

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