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Shade Systems™

Pre-Engineered Shade Structures

Shade Systems™ designs and manufactures the highest quality pre-engineered outdoor fabric shade structures, canopies, umbrellas, and awning covers.

Outdoor shade structures are practical for recreation areas such as playgrounds and pools, while also adding curb-appeal to a new or old project! Our outdoor shades include permanent fabric-on-frame or clear span tension structures. Protect children, adults, and property such as vehicles from exposure to the sun’s dangerous Ultra-Violet (U.V.) rays. The CoolNet™ shade fabric used on our outdoor shade systems screens up to 99% of the sun’s U.V. rays while providing a comfortable shaded area for people and property. Perfect for keeping kids on a playground cool all day!

Our products feature Shade Systems™ exclusive Turn-N-Slide™ system, which makes removing and re-attaching your canopy easy and quick. Avoid damaging your shade in the cold Illinois and Indiana winters by taking it down in minutes! We also offer the most comprehensive warranty in the industry to make sure your outdoor shade structures are always ready for the summer heat.

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See why Shade Systems™ pre-fabricated shade structures are the most durable and stress-free to install and remove in the industry!