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Shade Systems™

Pre-Engineered Shade Structures

Shade Systems™ designs and manufactures the highest quality pre-engineered outdoor fabric shade structures, canopies, umbrellas, and awning covers. 

Everyone gets excited for summer days at the pool or playground after a long Midwest winter. However, it is easy to forget about the sunburns and heat flashes that often come included! Parkreation, Inc. and Shade Systems want to help you prepare with a brand new outdoor shade structure delivered before Memorial Day.  

Shade Systems fabric canopies and umbrellas are beautiful, affordable, and commercial grade. The CoolNetfabric screens up to 99% of U.V. (Ultra Violet) rays while still allowing the fabric to breathe. This makes your shaded area more comfortable and avoids the stuffy heat that gets trapped under other canopy solutions.

Even better, the Turn-N-Slide easy fastening system makes putting up and taking down your shade fabric an absolute breeze! Rather than using a single length cable around the structure’s perimeter, each side of a Shade Systems structure has an independent cable that’s pre-cut and looped at the factory. For outdoor recreation areas in the Midwest, this feature is critical and will save your maintenance team time and stress.

Our single post and double post shades are the most popular for outdoor aquatic centers because of their small footprint. We can also manufacture custom shade solutions if you have a unique idea or outdoor area to cover.

To guarantee that your new Shade Systems structure is delivered in time for Memorial Day, you must place an order by

March 31, 2020. 

For quotes and pricing information, please contact Parkreation.

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See why Shade Systems™ pre-fabricated shade structures are the most durable and stress-free to install and remove in the industry!